About Patrycja Karlin

Patrycja Karlin is a first generation Polish-American. Her family escaped Communist Poland in 1988. Patrycja was a teenager when she arrived in the United States and has lived in the City of Chicago ever since. Through hard work and persistence, Patrycja became an attorney, striving for her part of the American Dream. She practices law from her office on Lawrence Avenue in the community that has given her the gift of freedom denied to her family under Communism. Patrycja decided to run for the office for the 40th Representative District because of what is currently happening in our state and our country.

The “woke” radicals in control of the Democratic Party are trying to impose their “party line” on us in a manner reminiscent of the communist Soviet Union. They want our schools to become places of indoctrination instead of education, where our children are taught that America is evil, religion is bad, and a person’s race matters more than the content of his or her character. They are taking away a parents’ right to make decisions about our children. Illegal migrants are living in our streets on our hard earned tax dollars. Criminals commit crimes with impunity and the SAFE-T Act allows them to roam free. There is no more accountability for criminal acts.